Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (22q13) is a rare genetic condition that can cause a wide range of medical, intellectual, and behavioral challenges. While there is no known cure or specific treatment yet, we know how to manage many of the symptoms, and researchers are working to improve knowledge of the condition and to find drugs and therapies that can help.

GPJ Senior Director of Event Production, Denise Croden, whose nephew Johnathan, 15, is affected by the condition, has become an advocate for continued research and support through her own and her family’s involvement with the PMS Foundation, an International family advocacy group.

With their bi-annual conference approaching, Denise made it a personal mission to not only support the work of the Foundation personally through her involvement on the conference committee, but to rally the expertise of GPJ to elevate the conference by enlisting GPJ’s event production and creative team to help. After all, this is what we do!

It wasn’t long before the team rallied around Denise and her family, in the end providing pre-event and onsite volunteer support from the Austin and Plano offices, designing and producing the conference guide, signage, photo props and a step and repeat wall, custom handmade cookies with the PMSF logo (by Elsa Flores), and extended support from GPJ vendors on giveaway items and printed conference guides.

The outpouring of support and GPJ volunteer hours made for a truly unforgettable event where families could spend more time connecting, sharing, learning and supporting one another.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who stepped in and took time to give to this family, this cause, and all affected by PMS.

To learn more and to get involved, you can visit