San Francisco, CA – (July 27, 2017)George P. Johnson (GPJ), the world’s leading experiential marketing agency, today announced a ground-breaking service offering that will for the first time empower brands with a 360 degree view of their experiential marketing performance, while enabling much more personalized attendee experiences. The new offering, the GPJ Experiential Ecosystem™, will coalesce existing and new sources of data, in real time, to deliver actionable insights and recommendations for improved event engagement and easily understood ROI.

“You hear this a lot, but this really is a game changer,” said Chris Meyer, CEO of GPJ. “Our ecosystem shares data across the event technology landscape, while generating actionable analytics that work with our clients’ existing technology. But we’re not done. Very soon, we’ll be weaving in artificial intelligence to further leverage the data in exciting ways.”

With the GPJ Experiential Ecosystem, the agency’s clients will have an industry first: the tools and strategies to measure the impact experiential and event marketing has on the sales funnel, on purchase decisions, on brand affinity, on engagement and more. With all other “data solutions” in the event space, clients have to gather and analyze reports from each element in their technology stack, try to mesh those reports with other sources, and then make sense of what all the analytics mean. By contrast, the Experiential Ecosystem coalesces data from all sources and makes the right data available exactly how and when you need it.

GPJ has entered into a strategic partnership with RainFocus, the leading SaaS innovator in data-driven experiential marketing and reporting, to underpin the new service, which is an evolution of GPJ’s industry-leading strategy and planning group. GPJ is now working even more closely with brands to develop custom programs based on client-specific success metrics to achieve business and marketing goals. Utilizing RainFocus’ data unification, event management and business intelligence capabilities, the Experiential Ecosystem is being used to inform GPJ’s strategy, creative and experience design. It can also be integrated with existing marketing automation and CRM systems, as well as registration systems, messenger platforms, virtual events, audience tracking technology, content engagement platforms and more.

“We’re adding true behavioral analytics from events to our clients’ profiles of customers and prospects,” adds Meyer. “This complementary data creates the first holistic view of both digital and experiential behavior, benefitting both corporate and event marketers by enabling much more personalized targeting and messaging – at events and through other marketing channels.”

“Today, though experiential is a part of most marketers’ toolkits, nearly all have difficulty with measuring success and proving ROI,” said Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing at GPJ. “Event marketers also struggle with individual data silos, making it nearly impossible to draw insights from the metrics generated by the myriad of event technology solutions in play. Together with RainFocus, we’ve solved that problem, and developed a systematic approach via our strategy and planning group to leverage the unified data to generate fresh insights for increased performance.”

J.R. Sherman, CEO of RainFocus, sums up the service this way: “Our clients are sharpening their audience segmentation, evaluating the efficacy of their event technology components, and truly integrating physical and digital engagement in ways never before possible. GPJ’s strategy team is successfully addressing this trend and leveraging the RainFocus platform to create high value, personalized and seamless experiences.”

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