Experiential marketing is not a new concept.

Companies have been creating experiences that engage customers in their brands for decades.

In fact, GPJ has been leading the way in experiential since our first auto shows in the early 1900s.

Yet, the experiential marketing industry still feels like new terrain to many of us. The trends are constantly shifting, new technologies are continually coming to market, and the consumer expectations are steadily rising.

But that’s exactly what makes the industry so attractive to marketers like GPJ Senior Experience Strategist, Vivian Luu.

As a lead strategist on the IBM account, staying current on technology and marketing trends in the experiential world is crucial for Luu and her team.

So what’s the newest trend this month?

One word: Measurement.

“Trends are tapping into technologies that can gather, analyze and make sense of data to help clients gain actionable measurements that can drive sensible next steps,” Luu explains. “In my role, I make sure we’re heavily measuring and analyzing our events to get better insight into what consumers are looking for, what attendees are experiencing and how to make the entire journey better.”

But in addition to actionable measurements, the industry has also shifted to customer-centric narratives.

“Before, the narrative was focused on what businesses can do for the customer. But now, the conversation is based around what the customer can do with businesses by their side.”

For Luu and her team, it’s this shift that enables them to tell IBM’s story of complex programs and solutions – like Cognitive Computing and Cloud Platforms – in ways that make sense to consumers.

“IBM’s global conferences, like IBM InterConnect and World of Watson, have been transformed. Now, the experience looks at IBM capabilities from the lens of the customer.”

In this ever-changing industry, one thing is certain: To succeed in this business, marketers have to keep hustling.

“We have to stay curious. We have to keep looking for inspiration and ideas not just within our professional industry but also in our everyday life,” Luu shares. “And we have to be brave – be able to test out new things and take some risks.”

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