Purposeful. Deliberate. Prideful.

At GPJ, we only hire the best of the best. To do that, GPJ partners with various union apprentice schools to contract the most skilled students and help them to hone their craft while utilizing their creativity and knowledge of the newest fabrication techniques.

GPJ has a long-standing relationship with the local apprentice schools, enabling us to hire the top students in the programs. Currently, GPJ Detroit and GPJ Nashville partner with local schools in each respective area to hire a minimum of one apprentice and one to four journeymen each year. But GPJ has been known to significantly exceed that minimum each year. In fact, GPJ employed a total of 29 apprentices in 2016.

“At GPJ, we’re so proud of our strong partnership with the union apprentice schools. We’re honored to be able to offer so many apprentice students incredible opportunities to continue to master their trade. Within our organization, we strive to invest in top talent and inspire them to be the very best they can be. And our partnership with the schools allows us to do just that.” George Canady, GPJ Fabrication/Carpentry

Here at GPJ, we are proud of the incredible craftsmanship, carpentry and engineering capabilities we offer our clients. We are purposeful and deliberate when choosing the finest talent in the industry. Coupling skilled students with our seasoned professionals, our clients get the best of both worlds.

We will continue to partner with apprentice programs to hire the most experienced and expert individuals and provide our clients with state-of the-art fabrication that we like to call #GPJMade.