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George P. Johnson (GPJ) has been planning, creating and delivering experiential campaigns for one hundred years. That adds up to a lot of experience.

During that time, GPJ has been responsible for many of the innovations and best practices that leading brands like, Cisco, Nissan, Adobe, IBM, and dozens more have adopted when planning their conferences and events.

It’s Time to Make it Personal Again! (See for Yourself)

Each time marketing professionals have required new techniques for breaking through marketplace clutter, GPJ has been ahead of the curve. Most recently, by artfully blending the latest in digital technologies with physical experience best practices largely authored by GPJ teams over the last several decades, GPJ is once again at the forefront. This is a key inflection point in marketing: brands are accelerating their investments in campaigns that center on building relationships with target customers vs. simple awareness amongst an audience.

Over the years, brands have become impersonal and focused primarily on product differentiation. This inadvertently has made the message really about the brand, rather than the customer. This strategy doesn’t work as well today. Consumers demand an experience that is personal, engaging, authentic, and all centered around them – their timing, their devices and their desires.

There are also new opportunities to leverage digital touch points to capture actionable customer intelligence and continuously tailor and personalize how customers and prospects experience your brand, often in fun and entertaining ways.

To demonstrate some of the latest thought leadership in this space, GPJ is inviting marketers to register for a select number of full backstage passes to one of the world’s premiere technology events to see firsthand how the magic really comes together. Winners will also enjoy the unique opportunity to engage directly with GPJ executives, strategists and designers for direct insight into blending the digital with the physical to create the truly exceptional.

Currently averaging 23 events every day, GPJ has the scale and resources to test-drive the latest digital marketing techniques in exciting new ways, and share the results and best practices with clients. For example, gesture-controlled devices, RFID, near field communications, and many other tools can help you engage with your customers and prospects, while also delivering unprecedented levels of data about how customers experience your brand and message. This data informs future marketing efforts, as well.

Combining the latest digital technologies and techniques with the immediacy and intimacy of a physical brand experience provides a personal connection that cannot be replicated separately. You need these strategies to come together, and in just the right way.

We are in the next frontier of modern experience marketing where consumers are empowered to choose if and how they engage with your brand. By delivering unique experiences based on new measures of participation data and intelligence, you’ll create opportunities to build personal connections rather than just transfer information.

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