Camp Jeep turned 10 this month. The program, encompassing ride-and-drive experiential events at an assortment of auto shows, concerts and other big happenings, is the Chrysler unit’s way of getting people to test out the Wrangler and other cars in its lineup without going to the Rubicon Trail.

John Tulloch, SVP of event firm George P. Johnson (GPJ), which developed and runs the program, tells Marketing Daily that Camp Jeep became a bona fide event-marketing effort after having for years been a loyalty platform for clubs and owner gatherings around the country. He says that a decade ago GPJ pitched Chrysler with the idea of taking a version of the grassroots program to big consumer events like auto shows. “We went to Jeep and said we think we can do it in New York, which is Jeep’s strongest region.” He said it took two years to develop that platform before taking over the North Pavilion of the Javits Center during the New York Auto Show in 2004.

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