With so much of today’s marketing and advertising world filled with hype and chatter, it’s refreshing to see Samsung dive into its Galaxy S4 product design process to show consumers how really different their offering is. Check out the link below to see Fast Company’s highlight of a new Galaxy S4 video that pays special attention to the product’s unique engineering and user experience innovations.

It strikes one as being “real” – in the sense that they’re replacing some claim of excellence and the promise of something new with the actual thing itself. Great brands are makers of special things and experiences. Great marketing is the same.

At GPJ we’ve been proud to embrace this hands-on approach through activities like our CMO event series and the world’s first experience design competition, the Brand X Challenge, aimed at fostering the next generation of talented brand thinkers while bringing attention to this important discipline.

What’s more, we’re cooking up something special for experiential brand marketers and the rest of the industry, to be released at the Event Marketing Summit in Chicago next week. All we can say right now is that it’s centered around technology and no one in our industry has done it before.

We’re aiming to give marketers the tools and thinking they need to solve the problems of both today and tomorrow. We’re aiming to be the makers of things that make an impact. Stay tuned here for more coming soon.

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