Time Warner’s Medialab has some new research out indicating that “second-screen apps that complement the TV viewing experience can heighten people’s response to the advertising and programming” (as well some great stats on device usage and media consumption). We’ve known this for a long time in the experiential world, where we’ve been using interactive technology across multiple screens to increase crowd participation and individual engagement with the brand experience.

Check out our sister agency JUXT’s work with Clear Channel – the Times Square Dunk Tank – for a great example of multiple screens, social media, sweepstakes and a great live experience all converged in one campaign..link from here.

If this new research is anything to go by, now we can expect more brands to develop apps that synch with the content they’re running in broadcast as well (our first vote would be for a tongue-in-cheek insurance brand application that cross-promotes with the “Walking Dead” and “Doomsday Preppers”).

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