We don’t look at the explosion of smarter technology as a way for people to keep adding devices and applications to their already busy lives. Rather, true human-centered design should collapse our array of devices and applications, making interactions with our environment and its data more intuitive and seamless, providing what we need, when we need it, in ways that are natural and authentic.

This is a guiding principle for us as we’re constantly bringing new technology out of the lab for use by our clients at events, online and on devices – wherever buyers and brands connect. For instance, check out how VW worked with our sister agency JUXT on somecool “Reactive Touch” gesture tech here.

It’s also why, along with our clients, we’re paying attention to emerging technology that pushes the boundaries while remaining human-centric, things like Mycestro, a wearable “fingermouse” so early stage that it’s still soliciting funds via Kickstarter.

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Update: Check out this MYO armband technology from Thalmic Labs. A game changer?