Creative Expansion; Austin-style

It was an amazingly cool Austin summer, in more ways than one. Copious spring rain alleviated drought conditions, 100+ degree-days were few and far between, and the GPJ offices underwent a slow and steady transformation.

With new client services staff, a contact center and a creative team all added in 2014-2015, GPJ Austin needed to nearly double its space. Now occupying 27,000 square feet in Northwest Austin, the expansion and redesign has added open, collaborative and inspirational workspaces throughout, designed by the GPJ team with local artists and plenty of Austin flavor.

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Image 2 for Creative Expansion; Austin-style
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If the iconic wall murals, concert posters, comfy couches and vinyl spinning in the background don’t get the creative juices flowing, healthy snack stations, Friday happy hours and a new pet friendly policy may do the trick.

Come visit if you’re in the Austin area, we’ll set aside a local microbrew for you!

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